Masked rider, heavy-rotating sword, DX Den Camensode.


commodity rank


about rank

S unused goods
A used goods (with boxes)
B Used goods (without boxes, with full parts)
C Used goods (no boxes, some parts short)
D Used goods (no boxes, a few parts short)
accessory information
box Yes.
instructional form None.
parts complete goods
missing parts
Remark 1.
Remember 2. There's a scratch in the box.

Regarding unused goods, the batteries that are set are for testing.
Regarding used goods, no batteries come with you. Please understand.
There are cases where sales prices and tax displays are different in mail order and stores.
Also, stores are already out of business, and please understand.

a goods store
Guarantee period.
The guarantee period for the product is one week after you reach your hands.
Used junk has no guarantee because of status quo sales.
If you have passed the warranty period, you can respond to the return exchange.

Please check here for more information on the return exchange.