About us

About Toy Planet


Toy Planet is
It is a toy store that you can choose after playing.

Toy Planet is a thrift shop that makes childcare fun.
We have many kinds of baby products, toys, and games at reasonable prices.
You can buy baby products and toys that you really like because you can actually see, touch, and move them to decide.

"I'm tired of my kids," "I'm not fit for age," "I want to get rid of too many," etc.
Please bring your baby products and toys that you no longer use to our shop! I am happy to buy it.

(Please note that some products cannot be opened and confirmed.)

  • City toy store

    City toy store

  • Hobby shop in town

    Hobby shop in town

  • For Ikumama & Ikumen

    For Ikumama & Ikumen

Reasons to be chosen

  • REASON01

    You can check the operation and contents

    In the case of toys that require batteries or power supplies, in the case of other stores, you can check how they work for the first time after returning home, but at our store, you can insert the batteries before purchasing. What kind of movement is it? Does it work properly? Also, will your child be interested in things after turning on the power? You can check such things.
    You can check the contents of the toys in the box! Please feel free to ask the staff.
    Please come to the check corner before purchasing and use the tools and batteries provided.
    You can also put your child in a stroller and test drive it, test drive a car seat in the car, and try using baby products.
    * Some products, such as new toys, cannot be confirmed.

    You can check the operation and contents

  • REASON02

    Commitment to cleaning

    Most of our products are second-hand products sold by our customers.
    "Because it is used, I want to stick to beauty!"
    With that in mind, all the staff are working hard every day. We have introduced an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning. We also use alkaline electrolyzed water for cleaning, as well as for hand-wiping. Environmentally friendly, synthetic detergent It is safe for babies to eat because it does not have such residual properties.
    Cleaning cloths are used according to the purpose, and special alcohol is used for disinfection. Scratches on discs such as CDs and game software are polished using a special polishing machine, and we strive to provide them in a state close to new. ¡

    Commitment to cleaning

  • REASON03

    Sales method that can be done because it is a specialty store

    Parts and items that are sold as a set as new products are also sold separately at Toy Planet. "I'm playing and only this part is broken ..." "I want you to lose this part and get it in bulk!" We will respond!
    You can buy your favorite parts and parts to expand the world of your toys. You can also collect them as a collection. There are an infinite number of ways to play and buy.
    Because it is a toy planet that is loved by customers who love such toys, it is trusted and used by many customers.

    Sales method that can be done because it is a specialty store

Until the toys are lined up in the store

  • 01. Appearance check

    01.Appearance check

    Check all the toys that arrive at the store for cosmetic issues.

  • 02. Operation check

    02.Operation check

    Move all moving parts to sort out non-defective and defective products.

  • 03. Ultrasonic cleaning

    03.Ultrasonic cleaning

    If the dirt is conspicuous or wide area, clean it with a washing machine.

  • 04. Cleaning details

    04.Cleaning details

    Use electrolyzed water to remove dust and dirt with a brush, and wipe with a cloth.

  • 05. Packaging


    Wrap the toys without a box in film. Write down the operation and accessories on the label.

  • 06. To the store

    06.To the store

    The toys that have been cleaned in detail will be delivered to you.

When you finish playing
When you no longer use

It's like yesterday when I was born. Your child's growth is quick.
Baby products used for childcare and toys that I played a lot are full of memories!
Please bring it to Toy Planet with such memories. We will purchase it with all our heart.
Meet new toys.
Also, new encounters will surely be waiting for customers at Toy Planet.