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Fujioka store


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Store name Fujioka store
TEL 0274-40-2553
Street address 132-1 Nakakurisu, Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture 375-0015
business hours 10: 00-20: 00 * Open all year round
* Depending on the time of yearSpecial business hoursIt may be.
Parking Lot 50 units
Fujioka store

Store introduction

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The Fujioka store starts with baby products and children's clothing, and handles toys such as riders and Sylvania, as well as hobbies and games such as N gauges and plastic models. As a feature of the Fujioka store, we are strengthening character miscellaneous goods, and because there are staff who especially like "Toy Story", many Toy Story toys are gathered for some reason. In addition to Disney characters, we are also strengthening anime characters, so if you like characters, please come visit us!

And Tomica's vehicle is also being strengthened! We have a top-level product lineup at all stores, including manufacturers such as AUTOART, Hot Wheels, KYOSHO, and Maisto, and vehicles with Disney characters. Recommended if you like cars!

Furthermore, we are strengthening the classic Kamen Rider of Toypla. Check it out if you are collecting small items as well as belts and weapons.

Finally, we also recommend our shop to those who like N gauge. Not only vehicles, but also rails, scenes, and accessories are available, and we have the highest inventory. Not only expensive ones but also junk vehicles are available, so please have a look.
In addition, we are strengthening purchases at our shop. There is a parking space for purchase in front of the entrance, so please feel free to ask the staff when you carry it.

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