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Higashiurawa store


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Store name Higashiurawa store
TEL 048-764-9945
Street address 1736 Omagi, Midori-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture 336-0923
business hours 10: 00-22: 00 * Open all year round
※Just now,Special business hours from 10:00 to 20:00Please note that.
Parking Lot 32 units
Higashiurawa store

Store introduction

Store introduction 01

It is the only toy planet located near the city center.
There are 32 parking lots, so you can come by car.
For purchase customers, we have a "purchase-only parking lot (6 cars)" in front of the store, so please use it.
Also, since it is about a 10-minute walk from the nearest Higashi-Urawa Station, you can also come by train.
We are striving to have a wide range of products because it is used by a large number of customers.

Store introduction 02

From the latest Kamen Rider currently on air to adult CSM and Prevan products, it is a lineup that parents and children can enjoy.
We have a wide range of belts and weapons from past works, so it may be useful for distribution and collection of children who have become new fans on DVD. (Items such as gashats and full bottles are also available!)
This is a popular corner where products change rapidly.
Maybe you have a chance to get a bargain or what you were looking for! ??

Store introduction 03

In the corner of Sylvanian Families and Licca-chan, not only complete sets but also houses, dolls, clothes, furniture, etc. are lined up in a wide variety.
"It's fun to choose" corners such as "House set in a box for gifts" and "One piece and hat for my chocolate rabbit".
Only a reuse shop has our original combinations such as meal sets and interior sets!
I am excited just by looking at the charm of the combination that is not sold as a new product.
You can also see out-of-print furniture and dolls that are hard to come by now!
I think you can enjoy it for three generations from your mother's mother.

Store introduction 04

Anpanman's toys, Gakken blocks, wooden toys and picture books are also available at the Higashiurawa store.
We also have some new toys.
In early spring, we see many kindergarten and nursery teachers.
The store manager just wanted to be a picture book writer, so I like the picture book corner.
We are waiting for the purchase of many picture books, children's books, picture books, etc.!

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