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Isesaki Tsunatori store


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Store name Isesaki Tsunatori store
TEL 0270-20-7775
Street address 〒372-0812 3035-5 Tsunatorimachi, Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture
business hours 10: 00-22: 00 * Open all year round
* Depending on the time of yearSpecial business hoursIt may be.
Parking Lot 50 units
Isesaki Tsunatori store

Store introduction

Store introduction 01

We are happy to purchase toys that are no longer needed.
Please sell even one stuffed animal or small toy (capsule toy)!
It is okay for toys to be out of stock or have scratches or stains.
In addition to toys, bring hobbies, games, and baby products together!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Store introduction 02

Very popular with children! Narikiri Hero Toy!
Kamen Rider is especially popular with adult customers.
Not only C ・ S ・ M, but also small transformation items such as transformation belts for children and wonder ride books are available.
Besides! Kamen Rider corner is expanding!
We are currently struggling to create a sales floor that will make more customers happy.
Kamen Rider toys! I am happy to buy it.

Store introduction 03

Plarail, which has been loved for over 50 years, is also very popular with children and adults!
From classic Thomas cars and steam locomotives to the Shinkansen.
Shinkalion, which transforms (evolves) into a cool robot, is still very popular!
Purchasing is also being strengthened. We are happy to purchase vehicles that have stopped working, whether they are intermediate vehicles or just one rail.

Store introduction 04

It seems that babies like to look at [front-facing face], [round shape], and [red color].
The character that applies to all is Anpanman.
Toys have a strong image of educational toys, but in recent years, toys that can be played in stores, like playing house, so that even children over the age of 5 can enjoy themselves more!
Some of them can be assembled and played, and you can enjoy D ・ I ・ Y.
There are many Anpanman toys in our shop ~

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