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Maebashi Aramaki Store


Store information

Store name Maebashi Aramaki Store
TEL 027-260-1144
Address 2-47-4 Aramakicho, Maebashi City, Gunma 371-0044
Opening hours 10:00-20:00* Open all year round
※ Depending on the time of year,Special opening hoursIt may be.
Parking lot 35 units
Maebashi Aramaki Store

Store Introduction

The history of Toy Planet started from this Maebashi Aramaki store.
We want many children to like the shop, so we are focusing on special shots.
We aim to be the no.1 region with an assortment of Kamen Rider, Sentai Mono, and Ultraman so that everyone can come to the store with the feeling that they can meet the old heroes they admired.

Rider Case

Especially in Kamen Rider, we have a lot of products such as weapons used by each rider from the standard belt, reinforced items.
Now it is a popular Masked Rider that adults will also be dohamari, but we also handle belts for adults and premium bandai limited ones, so it is content that maniacs can enjoy.

TF & Figure

Transformers and figures are popular for toys for boys other than specials.
Transformers can be from the nostalgic to the modern of the first generation, and some of them may be rare.
In the figure, the lineup such as beautiful girl system to anime character, popular figure series, premium Bandai limited one is substantial, and it is content that can be enjoyed from adults to children.


It is for boys when I hear that it is a special shot, but Mel and Popo-chan, a toy for girls, are popular in our store.
In particular, there are a wide variety of dress-up clothes and they are affordable. Even small children can feel free to purchase.
We sincerely look forward to your visit so that you can be satisfied with your visit.

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