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No. 17 Okegawa store


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Store name No. 17 Okegawa store
TEL 048-779-3330
Street address 1709-3 Sakada, Okegawa City, Saitama Prefecture 363-0008
business hours 10: 00-22: 00 * Open all year round
* Depending on the time of yearSpecial business hoursIt may be.
Parking Lot 80 units
No. 17 Okegawa store

Store introduction

Store introduction 01

Among the toy planets, we handle a lot of miniature cars.
The total number of palm-sized miniature cars such as Tomica and Hot Wheels Choro-Q is 7,000! !!
There are products of the same model, so children are enjoying shopping by consulting with their fathers and mothers about miniature cars in good condition.
A miniature car in the hands of children!
We are happy to buy unnecessary miniature cars.

Store introduction 02

There are 500 3-car trains not only for minicars such as Tomica but also for Plarail.
There are also a few advance and Shinkalion ~
Aim for 1,000 units! !! We are currently strengthening.
We are looking for not only vehicles but also rails and scenes!
We are happy to buy a vehicle that has stopped working, whether it is an intermediate vehicle or a single rail.

Store introduction 03

Very popular with girls!
In the Sylvanian Families corner, there is a wide range from dolls of animals in the forest to one chair.
There is also an original combination furniture set unique to reuse that is not available at toy stores that handle new products!
Of course, we are happy to buy even one doll.

Store introduction 04

To create something, you need the imagination to come up with different options.
Block toys help boost your imagination.
Blocks are the perfect toys for creating animals and buildings with your own hands to create your own personality.
Popular products such as Block Lab and Lego Duplo will soon be out of stock.
We are looking forward to your purchase.

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