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The Shisaki-mune store


Store Information

Store name Takasaki Takasutaku
TEL 027-386-9922
Address 706, Munako-cho, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, 370-3521
business hours 10:00-22:00 * 7 days a year
It's just now.Special business hours: 10:00-20:00is the time of thePlease accept.
Parking 125 cars
Takasaki Takasutaku

Store introduction

Store Referral 01

I don't know what to say about it, but it's the biggest floor area of Toy PlanetWe have a lot of inventory available in that wide store.The parking lot is also available in 125-level parking lots.
It is also blessed with the 1km away location from Aeon Mall Takasaki.Try to go home and see me in Takasaki, Aeon Mall.
We have a very polite customer who is comfortable with the buy-off customers.Seven of the parking lots are available for purchase, and the staff will be able to carry them out of the parking lot.In addition, we also have a purchasing service that can go out during the assessment time.

Store Referral 02

It's a big and karedy store that's going to the store even with a baby girl's family, with a sense of reassurance to the baby's family and the baby's family.There is also a complete set of filings for omuzubi and children's clothes.A car seat is placed in the bebby corner, and you can try to test the car seat.

Store Referral 03

In the self-check corner, you can purchase and purchase any sound or motion before purchasing it.

Store Referral 04

It is also a special feature to handle an adult bicycle.
First of all, the staff is having fun with a smile.

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