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Store name Tomioka Store
TEL 0274-67-7911
Address 1310-2 Tomioka, Tomioka City, Gunma 370-2316
Opening hours 10:00-20:00* Open all year round
※ Just now,Special opening hours 10:00-19:00It has become. Please understand.
Parking lot 32 units
Tomioka Store

Store Introduction

Store Introduction 01

Everyone loves it! Among them, even if "Atsumi Tonton Series" arrives, it is so popular that it will soon disappear. I want to be able to align everything from set items to single items.

Store Introduction 02

We have character miscellaneous goods, tableware, towels, bags, general miscellaneous goods, 100 yen miscellaneous goods, etc. Recently, I have no longer seen it, but we also handle "gifts". In addition, when the family returns home with grandchildren, we also use our store for elderly people. Along with my grandson's toys, I have you choose towels and bags.

Store Introduction 03

We handle many baby products such as child seats, strollers, cribs, baby gates, etc. Recently, products tailored to the current environment, such as child seats and strollers (high seat type) compatible with ISOFIX, have also been offered. If you are considering purchasing, if you check how it actually works, I think that it is easy to grasp the image at the time of use.

Store Introduction 04

Switch and PS4 are of course, but "Old Game" is very popular in our store! ! Compared to other stores, is it a little rural? For that amount, I think that there are many nostalgic games that are sleeping in my parents' house. Sometimes I had an unused body in spite of things at the time. By the way, old games are difficult, aren't they?

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