Animal Sentai Juowger Juo Cube: Animal ligand-DX Cube Tiger


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S Unused items
A Used goods (box, containing all parts)
B Used goods (no boxes. All parts entry)
C Used items (no boxes. Shortage of some parts)
D Used items (no boxes. A large number of parts shortage)
■Attachitems Information
box Yes.
written explanation Yes.
parts Complete product
Vacancy Part
Remarks 1
Remarks 2

* The image of the product will be an exembite.This is not the same as the actual state.
*Batteries that are not used for testing are for testing.
* Used products have a little sense of use in boxes and goods.The battery does not come with it.
*The sales price and the tax display are different in the retail and retail stores.
*Products on the online shop are sold in combination with the OTC.It may be sold out of order at the time of your order.
If you are out of sale, your order will be canceled at a later time.Please be careful.

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Warranty Duration
The warranty period for a product is one week after it is delivered to the customer.
There is no guarantee that used junk is available for sale.
Please note that if the warranty period is over, the return exchange will be matched.

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